Ortiz Fischer - Servicios - Cobertura Nacional

National Scope

With offices and distribution centers in strategic areas, we are able to offer rapid and professional solutions.

Ortiz Fischer - Servicios - Proceso de venta técnica asistida

Technically-Assisted Sales Process

Our highly-qualified personnel will assess your needs and find the best alternative for the work at hand.

Ortiz Fischer - Servicios - Inspección y control de elementos para izaje - Checklift

Lifting Device Inspection and Control via Checklift

Based on customer requirements, a visual and dimensional control work plan will be created according to ASME standards. After completing the inspection and control stage and analyzing the gathered data, reports and suggestions will be issued as appropriate.

more info: www.checklift.com.ar

Ortiz Fischer - Servicios - Dispositivos para ensayos de cargas

Product Testing

One of the many services offered by our company is product-testing in a 12 m-long, 150 tn test bench used for internal quality control (ISO 9001: 2008) and to carry out tests at the request of our customers. Our software enables us to obtain information on pulling load, breaking load, elongation, cycles, etc.

It is worth noting that the equipment is INTI-certified.

Ortiz Fischer - Servicios - Respuestas para cada requerimiento

Addressing every Requirement

Our wide range of products enables us to provide tailored solutions, which makes us a key company in the lifting sector.

Ortiz Fischer - Servicios - Capacitación


We know that safety is paramount. Therefore, we provide technical training on lifting devices. The training may be "in-house" or in our own training room.

Ortiz Fischer - Servicios - Jornadas de Capacitación

International Technical Seminar on Lifting Devices

This seminar is attended by highly-specialized speakers from world-renown companies, which have appointed us as exclusive distributors of their products in Argentina.