Nemag Quick Release Link

Nemag´s quick release link and socket configuration makes it possible to connect and release steel wire ropes, chains and shackles rapidly and efficiently.

The quick release link consists of a C-section and a lock, which can be opened or closed in seconds with a special key.


Main Characteristics:

  • C-section and locking piece 
  • Contact surfaces hardened
  • C-section of high-grade steel, refined to a tensile strength of 1000-1100 N/mm2
  • The perfect range of sizes ensures interchangeability of C-sections and locking pieces.


Link Markings:

  • WLL in tons
  • Nemag symbol
  • Registration number
  • Link size
  • Patent no.: 148689
  • Badge number



NEMAG Socket

The Nemag socket is cast from high-manganese austenitic steel. This alloy makes it hard and wear-resistant, increasing its durability.

There are two socket varieties: one for standard steel wire ropes and the other for special steel wire ropes. Special steel wire ropes have a smaller diameter and a higher WLL, for which a special socket with a different shape had to be developed.



WLL: 5:1 MBL of steel wire rope (Based on 6x36+1 steel wire rope with an IWRC and a tensile strength of 1770 N/mm2)

Certification: EN 13411-4

Socket Markings:
- Nemag symbol
- Size
- Badge number