Secutex Safety System

What is Secutex?
It is a polyurethane protection system made in Germany with perfect physical and chemical properties. Secutex prevents any cutting or damage to flat or round slings used to carry loads having rough surfaces or sharp edges.

Its aim is to increase the durability of round or flat slings, to prevent work accidents, falling loads or further damage to the loads.


Main Characteristics:

  • Load can be turned 360°
  • Easy to handle
  • Protects the sling from the load’s surface
  • Extremely resistant to mechanical strain
  • Highly elastic
  • Extremely resistant to cutting
  • Decreases pressure on sharp edges
  • Also appropriate for smooth surfaces
  • Does not damage the paint on the load


Financial Advantages:

  • Less expensive due to its high durability
  • Less work accidents from cut slings
  • Protected load
  • Less time wasted on interrupting operations and replacing slings