Tire Protection Chains

Pewag tire protection chains are used in all 5 continents, having proven suitable for a wide range of temperatures, from -35 °C in the mining industry to up to 600 °C in steelworks (-31 °F to 1112 °F).

For over 60 years, Pewag tire protection chains have helped keep equipment running, becoming an essential partner to ensure large-scale machine high performance.



Earthwork equipment tires are the single most expensive component of this type of activity, being subject to cuts, punctures and further damage. These tires are not only costly but also hard to find.

Pewag tire protection chains are, therefore, a solution to tire-related problems, offering the following advantages:


Lowering of direct running cost per hour:

  • Higher durability, considerably less money spent on tires
  • Foreseeable durability of tires and chains, enabling a tighter budget
  • Little down time due to tire failure, maximizing equipment availability
  • Improved stability, more traction and greater penetration for digging and dragging, increasing the ton-per-hour ratio


Additional Advantages:

  • Optimal protection equals less tire maintenance
  • More vehicle protection and traction due to chains amounts to a safer operation, even under the most severe conditions